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Wednesday 10 August 2011


 This as you might be aware, is 313, a doctor who works in the Village. At one point Two gives 313 the opportunity to leave the Village, but 313 turns that offer down, she tells Two that never wants to leave the Village, and with good reason. 313 is like most people who are brought to the Village, because they are in some way broken and are in the Village to be made better. 313's Christain name is Sarah, here she is as a girl being abused by her father, being made to stand for hours with a cardboard box on her head while her father hits the box., as picture below.
   As you might imagine, this abuse had an ill effect on Sarah, and left her mentally scared. This is Sarah, who lives in New York.
    It's no wonder that 313 did not wish to leave the Village, to once again become Sarah. At least in the Village 313 was free of her. But even here, as time
passes, Sarah does begin to impinge upon 313, so much so, that 313 has to fight to supress Sarah, to try and keep her locked away in the back of her mind, for fear that Sarah would rise to the surface and take possession of 313 even in the Village!
  It's no wonder then that 313 should volunteer to take the place of M2, to remain almost permanently sedated, and doctored with some hallucinatory drugs, as together with Six, they try to find a better way, to build a better Village. The alternative for 313 was perhaps too unbearable even to consider.
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