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Sunday 28 August 2011


Every Picture Tells A Story

          The Village Shop
        For All Your Needs
   That's what the sign says, just as long as it's a map of the Village you want to buy - buy one get one free - makes the perfect gift for a friend. And the Village map is on everything from tea trays, cups, saucers, plates, teapots, coffee pots, to aprons, not to mention the maps themselves.
   But what about the milk, the butter and ice cream? The aspirins and potatoes, and food in general? There isn't any! No, the Village shop is more of the style of the Ship Shop at Portmeirion, which sells only fancy goods.
   There is also something else about this picture, Un-Two is about to enter the Village Shop, but who is that just passing by? A man who is a Two impersonator! Impersonating Two is an act of treason. In the event of a Two impersonator arising, you must seek him out and apprehend him. This man may look like Two, but you will know that he is not Two, because he is not Two. He may claim to be Two, but he is not, and must be treated as who he is, which is someone who is not Two. He is a danger to the Village.
   Pictured here, Two and the Shopkeeper 37927, who smoke an illicit cigarette together. Smoking in the Village is not permitted, yet cigarettes are sold in the Village Shop, but from under the counter! And this reflects what shall happen here in England from April 2012, I think it is, yes I'm sure, that cigarettes in shops and stores will have to be kept out of sight, and sold from under the counter, so that they are out of sight from the general public at large, but chiefly not seen by children!  'Pssst, got any cigarettes? Wrap them up in a plain brown paper bag.' Yes, just how it used to be with pornographic magazines, sold and wrapped up in plain brown paper bags.
  And finally, what I think is the saddest picture in THEPRIS6NER. I know that the school girl 1,100 had been caught spying on Two, and I do realise that because of that 1,100 had to be sent to the Therapy Zone for treatment, but even so.........You see Two had given 1,100 an ice cream, and told her that she had time to finish it before 'they' came for her, he lied!
  Two projects a kindly, benevolent image. The people love him, worship him, as Two only wants the best for the citizens of the Village, even though he would think nothing of having anything done to any citizen, and smile while it was being done. A kindly, family loving man, with the dark side of a sadist!     Be seeing you oh and don't forget to 'Breathe in............breathe out.....................more Village.'

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