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Monday 15 August 2011

Thought For The Day

    The Village Administration knew all about the Prisoner, they had a complete file on him in fact, knowing every detail about the Prisoner and his life to date. Okay, the Prisoners file did lack the time of his birth, but that was simply to get the Prisoner to give a detail away about himself, of his own free will, which he did of course, 'Four-thirty-one am, nineteenth of march nineteen twenty eight.' And it was after giving that simple piece of information away, that No.2 thought more information would quickly follow, he was wrong!
   So now the Prisoners file had been brought up to date with the added information of the Prisoners time of birth. However, one valuable piece of information was still missing from the Prisoners personal file...the reason for his resignation! And really it could be as simple as that, the reason why the Prisoner was abducted to the Village, simply to complete the details in his personal file, by getting the Prisoner to give the reason why he resigned, and then add it to his file, to bring it all up to date as it were. After all the prime directive for the Administration of the Village is for the gathering of information. 'We want information, information, information' barked No.2. And then in Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling the idea behind having the Seltzman machine was to change the minds of spies, so that a foreign agent who is swapped for a British agent, might have the mind of their choosing, so that he could infiltrate the security of any one nation. Then to gather information, to be extracted and returned to the Village, where the information inside the agents head could then be extracted, and filed away. The agent then put back in circulation in order to gather more information ect, etc, etc. The only question remains.....what do they do with all the information the Village Administration collects? Perhaps it's filed away in that long room filled with grey filing cabinets which we see during the opening sequence to the Prisoner! After all, isn't that the reason why everyojne is brought to the Village? To have the knowledge inside their head protected, or extracted!   On another note, isn't it about time the reason for the Prisoners resignation was put into the public domain? After all it's been over forty years since the Prisoner first resigned, and what with the freedom of information act................. BCNU.

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