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Wednesday 31 August 2011

Village Library

      Have you read this book? It was published in 2007. I had a friend buy a copy for my at a book signing session during the Prisoner convention held at Portmieiron of that year. Well I wanted to know what the opposition had to write about the Prisoner series, to know just how much Alan Stevens and Fiona Moore knew. As it turned out, I need not have bothered.
   The book is completely unauthorised, and contains the usual mistakes, but suffers even more through the lack of depth into the subject. And certainly the book reflects the fact that the two co-authors had not carried out much research into the matter of the Prisoner.
   I found the book a particullarly difficult read, perhaps because I know the subject so well, but also it was because of the size of font chosen for the text, it's too small. Anyway, I struggled through the book, trying to ignore the inevitable mistakes, and having arrived at page 142, being the end of Living In Harmony, I could read no more. I placed a bookmark between pages 142 and 143, and that is where it has remained, and the book back on the bookshelf. I have never had the compunction to pick the volume up again.   I'll be seeing you.

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