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Sunday 14 August 2011

Why Did McGoohan Design No.6 As A Hero?

    This is a question right out of the archive, and I suppose it depends on whose side you are on, and what interpretation you actually put on the Prisoner-No.6. As Patick McGoohan once put it;
    'Well, I didn't initially say, 'This hero,' but he grew into one. I hope, in a sense that he was rebelling against the evil forces against him.'
    John Drake was a childhood hero for me, but the Prisoner wasn't, isn't. Yet the Prisoner did show me the way, in not simply accepting things as they are, to ask questions, to rebel just enough, never to go too far. For me the Prisoner perhaps became more of a mentor than a hero, certainly writing about the Prisoner and his Village is now a way of life, a vocation, less of an obsession, having long since become a profession.

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