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Sunday 12 February 2012

Caught On Camera

    "I say, you're not mister Carmichael are you?"
    "Mister Carmichael?"
    "Yes. The gentleman who brought in his errr.....if you’ll excuse me sir, brought in his "funny photos" for developing."
    "Do I look like mister Carmichael?"
    "No sir."
    "Do I look like someone who would indulge in "funny photos?"
    "No sir, but it does take all kinds."
    "Look, all I want are my transparencies."
    "What "funny" transparencies?"
    "No, picturesque landscape transparencies."
    "Oh, yes sir. I can see that there has been a slight clerical error, mistaking 01 for 10. I'm sure you can appreciate that no business can be entirely free from the occasional clerical error. I won't keep you a moment sir."
    {the proprietor disappears into the back room, then returning with a small box}
    "There you are sir, your transparencies. Will there be anything else?"
    "I need a photograph taken."
    "Oh I see sir. Well Annette is in the back room, she is very experienced in these matters. Perhaps sir would like the school girl touch, or maybe something a little continental."
    "I'm heading for the continent."
    "Well there you are then sir, Fifi will tend to you. I'm not an experienced photographer sir, Tom is on his lunch-hour. But I think I can take photographs which will give value to the study."
   "Look, I don't want anything like that!"
   "No.! All I want is a passport photograph!"
   "Oh I am sorry sir. Fifi will be disappointed!"


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