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Wednesday 8 February 2012

The Village - Utopia or A Nightmare World?

   For some The Village seems to have been modelled on Utopia, a place where every need it catered for, and you hardly have to lift a finger. For others, such as the Prisoner, it's a nightmare world, in which brainwashing, therapy, medical experimentation, and torture are everyday occurrences, for whom pain and degradation are daily familiarities. While for others, such as No.2 it offers power and control over others who are weaker then themselves. And in the case of doctors such as No.40 and No.22 The Village offers freedom, the freedom to carry out medical experiments on human patients, in an otherwise world where such experimentation would not be permitted on human beings.
   The Village is a place where most people are brought to, either abducted, or assigned, or recruited to. A minority come to The Village of their own free will, who then come to regret it afterwards, while others are born to The Village and know nothing of the outside world. But whatever the case, whatever the cause, the community must live and so must you. Anyone can soon get used to any given situation, given long enough, so that everything which happens in The Village becomes common place, and second nature. "Oh that poor No.56, suffocated by the Village Guardian," but who really cares? That sort of things goes on everyday, as does the Aversion Therapy sessions at the hospital. What do those care who spend their free time sunbathing on the beach, swimming in the public lido, or playing beach ball.
   As for the senior citizens of The Village, well they are too old for escape. What care they for what takes place to others who have been brought to The Village. Senior Citizens who have given freely to the cause, the information inside their heads having been extracted, and now having survived the trials and tribulations are happy to simply live out the rest of their lives in quiet comfort of the Old People's Home.

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