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Thursday 23 February 2012

The Therapy Zone

The Ebb of the Tide Of Dance of the Dead

   It's no wonder that the body of the dead man ended up in that long box in the mortuary so soon after No.6 cast it adrift in the sea. When No.6 set the dead man's body adrift so as to carry his message to someone from his world, he did so when the tide was coming in. No.6 should have waited until the ebb tide, then the body would have had a chance of being carried out to sea. But then chances are the body could have been picked up by the crew of M.S. Polotska seen in the next episode Checkmate.

The Prisoner – Where Did It All Begin?

    What if Patrick McGoohan was right, what if the Prisoner-No.6 was never intended to be Danger Man John Drake, as many believe what then? I mean such a thing would see the Prisoner through a whole new perspective, wouldn't you say?
   With the Quinn Martin production of The Invaders, we know where it began, it began with architect David Vincent too tired to drive. An empty road, and a lonely closed and deserted diner........ And that could be said of the Prisoner, but the Prisoner is different somehow, and I can't believe that it all began somewhere along that long deserted runway, somewhere in the middle of nowhere.
   We know where the Prisoner was going, London and to hand in his letter of resignation. But we don't know from where he was coming, unless of course we are to believe that after returning to London the Prisoner, for that is what he remained, drove out of London, simply to drive back as we see during the opening sequence of Arrival. I suppose the question is, where had the Prisoner driven to after leaving, driving away having just returned to London after escaping the village in Fall Out? And I don't really expect to find the answer to that one!
   The prisoner-No.6 is like No.2-Leo McKern, and many before him, had been abducted to the village because he could be of use to them. The village's administration having recognised qualities in the Prisoner that would see him in having a future in the village. Yet the Prisoner rejected the village, rejected the offer of ultimate power, launched the rocket and escaped the confines of the village, and having done so, as soon as he returned to London, went to an office and handed in his letter of resignation to a man who was possibly an exterior agent working for the village.
   This would explain where the Prisoner had come from, which would mean that it is the episode of Fall Out where the Prisoner actually all begins, with his rejection of the offer of ultimate power. And not simply with a clap of thunder and a long deserted runway somewhere in the middle of nowhere!

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