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Friday 24 February 2012

Madame Engadine See's Everything!

   "As I gaze into my crystal ball, I see a tall dark stranger who rides a racing charger called Kar. Is the man on a mission, no he is on a journey perhaps, yes a journey which take him to London. He walks along a dark passageway. There is a man, a balding man wearing glasses. Oh there is anger, rage as the man bangs his fist down! The man then returns home, but he is being followed by two men dressed in black, they ride in a black coach, could they undertakers? The man returns home, there is a black coach in the street. The man collects two suit cases, travel documents, Two men step down from the black coach, one goes to the back of the coach, while the other approaches the front door of a house, a house in Buckingham Place. There is a brass 1 on the door. Now he is inside the house he has a gun, there is gas and the man falls backwards onto a lounger.............oh the picture is fading."


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