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Wednesday 15 February 2012


    Here is a curious thing, that in AMCtv's screening of THEPRIS6NER09, towards the end of the episode of Harmony, as Six has returned to 16's home so to inform his family of 16 having drowned at sea, the family begin to laugh, and for a moment are seen wearing 'Pig' masks and bio suits, as seen in the picture below.

   Yet here in Britain, when THEPRIS6NER was screened in 2010, the scene of 16's family wearing the 'Pig' masks had been removed, and replaced with the family as normal, as seen in the next picture.
  I was wondering why the 'Pig' masks were removed from the scene of British screening of Harmony, because it seemed a strange thing to do. And even stranger when I hear from a friend in Germany that for their screening of THEPRIS6NER the 'pig' masks have remained in the scene! I have tried to find out the reason for the deleted 'Pig' masks, but so far the result is in the negative!

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