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Monday 20 February 2012

The Therapy Zone

A Blessed Fairy Tale!

    With A B and C the Doctor-No.14 together with No.2 got into the dreams of the subject No.6, and then manipulated those dreams, turning them into pictures and then sound. And in those dreams were people the Prisoner had had previous contact with 'A' 'B' Engadine, and Mrs. Butterworth-No.2, if you are of the opinion that Many Happy Returns was really meant to go before A B and C in the screening order.
    Then with The Girl Who Was Death No.6 tells the children a fairy tale, and in that fairy tale he makes Napoleon No.2, and the girl who was death No.10. And so to do this they would have had to have met previously, before the actual commencement of the episode The Girl Who Was Death, just how soon they had met prior to the episode is anyone’s guess. But certainly long enough for No.2 to get to know something of No.6, and to realise that No.6 wouldn't drop his guard with his own grandmother! And of course there was Potter, his contact man, and earlier when he met the Manager of the Labour Exchange in Arrival, later to become assistant to No.2 during The Chimes of Big Ben.
   How do I explain the locations? Well they would be familiar to No.6, the local public house he drank at. The town of Borehamwood, the Kursaal funfair at Southend-on-Sea, and of course Beachy Head together with the lighthouse there, where he was washed up on the shore during Many Happy Returns. You always put people you either know, or have met in dreams and stories. And places which are familiar to you.

Many Happy Returns Number Six

    You know that moment during Many Happy Returns when the door to No.6's cottage opens, and Mrs Butterworth-No.2 walks in carrying a birthday cake with 6 lighted candles on it for No.6.
   Then why not accompany that scene with the tune "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you....." After all that piece of incidental music had been adapted for that scene, I heard it played on the third cd of that Prisoner soundtrack disc set. So why wasn't it used I wonder? That piece of music would have suited the scene very well I think.

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