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Saturday 18 February 2012

Caught On Camera

  The picture on the left is that of the Kid, a homicidal maniac. The picture on the right are the
hands of a homicidal maniac as he strangles Cathy to death in the Sliver Dollar Salloon in Living In harmony. The Kid who is said to have worn the clothes of the men he has killed, who has a fixation about Cathy, a Saloon girl, and is intensely jealous of anyone she gets close with, or flirts with her as part of her job in the Silver Dollar Saloon, to the point of killing them!
    Yet going into any given situation, we all take our own personal problems with us, and so it would seem that No.8 has his own psychological problems.
In fact No.8 had a fixation about No.22, yet seeing her as Cathy. Late in the evening No.22, having both seen and experienced her own death by strangulation during the role-playing, goes back to the scene of the crime in the Silver Dollar Salloon, and meets with No.8.
"Cathy" he says, and turns into the homicidal maniac we previously encountered in the Kid. Fact imitates fiction, as No.8 takes No.22 by the throat and seemingly strangles the poor woman to death with his own hands.

   I say seemingly, becasue by the time No.6 appears on the scene No.22 is still alive, and wishing it had been real!
   No.2 then turns up at the Silver Dollar Saloon, No.8 recognises him as the Judge who had ben abusing him, and takes what is described laughingly as the "east way out." A we have seen in the past, No.8 is not the first citizen to taken this drastic form of escape!

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