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Sunday 19 February 2012

The Therapy Zone

No.6 Play’s A Fine Game!

    "You play a fine game sir" remarked No.14 the chess champion. But I don't think he was talking about the human chess match which had just taken place.
   No, more it was a remark made concerning how well No.6 plays 'the game' against the village's administration, and No.2 in particular. and indeed No.6 does get the better of No.2 on several occasions. He is more quick witted, can out manoeuvre his opponent, especially when such an opponent who is over confident, and at other times underestimates No.6 as many of them did. And that in itself was enough to aid their own downfall.
    Yet even so, it seems as though No.6 still has a lot to learn, especially when it comes to establishing just who is who. To distinguish the blacks and the whites, to judge by attitudes, the same as it is in life. You soon find out who's for or against you. Not only that, but it took an eccentric No.118 who painted No.6's portrait in A Change of Mind to tell him about Jammers. Jammers who talk about the plots they've been hatching. Escapes mostly, but plans and developments for all kinds of mischief, they do it to confuse the observers. The plots they talk about are always make-believe, non-existent, but control cannot know that until they've checked them out. They used to run themselves ragged investigating the schemes of Jammers. Now whatever control picks up from a Jammer they simply let ride. This is some thing I should have thought No.6 would have picked up on. But then No.6 wasn't a known Jammer was he, and anything he gets involved with No.2 soon picks up on!
   So even though No.6 'plays a fine game' there's a good deal that goes on in the village which he doesn't know about, jamming for one. But this will be confirmed when he goes off to warn No.2 of the assassination plot against him. Another game for No.6 to involve himself in.


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