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Saturday 18 February 2012

The Therapy Zone

Fight Or Flight?

  There is a saying "He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day." Yet it would seem that No.6 would rather desert the village, as he does in Fall Out, than take on the fight within as he has in the previous 16 episode ordeal. The challenge is not to break out and run away, but to stay and fight, and confront his fears. Yet what is No.6 afraid of? What is there to fight? Well possibly his ignorance for one. His ignorance of where he is, why he was brought there. Which side actually runs the village, although he should know the answer to that one.
   And yet didn't No.6 stay and fight, and by facing those fears in himself, by confronting No.1? And by that, it was No.1 who could not stand up to the truth. That he, No.1, is just as much a Prisoner as No.6! It was No.1 who ran away, whilst No.6 stayed to bring down the village from within. This was achieved by the launching of the rocket, and the evacuation of the village.
   We all have our own fears, and we are often told to stand up and face those fears. But it doesn't always work. Look at No.6, he faced up to himself. He took control of the situation, and brought down the village from within. Yet at the end he remains just as much a prisoner, as he is at the beginning.

A B and Engadine Makes C!

    It was during 'C' of A B and C that the Prisoner was handed a key by the roulette croupier in exchange for his bet of a diamond ring. It so happened that Engadine also had an identical key!
    "It can't be" No.2 gasped in astonishment. "She can't be 'C." "She's fooled us for years, but no longer!"
   "You're binging her to the village?" the doctor-No.14 asks.
   "Yes" No.2 replies eagerly.
   However in No.6's dream even Engadine works for someone else, a man of mystery who will know him, and who likes impressive offices! The doctor commented that No.2 will have to call him 'D'. However as it turned out, this man of mystery is no other than No.2 himself.......'C'!
   But this is only No.6 manipulating his own dream, and so if No.2 isn't 'C',  who is? Well the answer to that one is blatantly obvious and can be deduced from the description read out by No.2...... Known to be French. Known to have attended Engadine's parties, probably disguised. Well Madam Engadine is French, she attended her own parties, not too sure about the probably disguised bit though. Unless of course it is Engadine’s celebrity status together with her celebrated parties that is the disguise!


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