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Friday 10 February 2012

The Therapy Zone

This Session Is Called In A Matter of Democratic Crisis!
No.1 Married To Death?
    It would seem that the first wife of actor Roy Beck, who played the robed and masked figure of Number 1 in Fall Out, Ann, his wife, doubled for the actress Justine Lord during the Beachy Head sequences.
   So you could say that Number 1 was married to death so to speak.

This session Is Called In A Matter Of Democratic Crisis
   In the episode of Fall out, the proceedings are presided over by a Judge, or President. But what I have to ask is this, to what democratic crisis is the President referring? After all there is no democracy in the village, that has long since been proven, and confirmed by No.2 during a conversation with No.6 during the Dance of the Dead.
No.6: "Your administration is effective, but you have no opposition."
No.2: "An irritation we have dispensed with. Even at best, free democracy is remarkably inefficient."
   So where is the democratic crisis?  There is only the question of revolt - and three specific instances - to be dealt with here in court!

He Brews His Brew…..….Plays With His Chalk

    And that is about all anyone can say about this somewhat obscure physicist in Free For All.
   He could be a prisoner, who like No.6 wears no numbered penny farthing badge. Forced to spend his days living like a hermit in a cave, brewing his brew, and playing with his chalk in scientific formulae. These formulae are then photographed, and the blackboard cleaned up, which requires him to commence his labours on another formula.
    The physicist seems to live on the fringes of the village, leading, as is suggested, perhaps happy living the existence of a hermit. As long as they leave him alone, he's not too bothered.
   However having said that, he seems willing enough to work with No.2, possibly following his instructions, to concoct a potion to use on No.6. The proportions of which are exact to carry No.6 through to the end of the elections, which could mean that the "Therapy Zone" is simply for No.6's benefit, and that this physicist doesn't live the life of a hermit on the fringes of the village at all! You do see this man again however, in Once Upon A Time, the man who No.6 questions about his number. It might be that the physicist has been brought in out of the cold, if he is the same character.

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