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Sunday 12 February 2012

The Four Trials Of The Prisoner

    When you stop, think and consider the matter, there are four actual trials within the Prisoner. The first taking place during the evening Ball in the Town Hall. "In the matter of the people versus this person" where three Judges decide as in the French revolution, Napoleon, Queen Elizabeth 1st, and Emperor Nero. But of course they got through the dead wood didn't they! There was a defender-Peter Pan-No.2, and the defender-Little Bo-Peep who always knows where to find her sheep. Well almost always!
   Having been judged to be guilty, the possession of a radio set, and sentenced to death in the name of the people, it was then that the people would carry it out in the name of justice.
    Then came "The people of Harmony against Catherine Johnson" accused of aiding a prisoner to escape. Of course it's a trumped up charge, as really the Prisoner was only being held in protective custody! "But she didn't know that!"
   Thirdly "You were driving at great speed" the Judge announced. "Yes, but nobody was hurt" the handcuffed defendant returned in his defence. "In a restricted zone!" the Judge bellows. But the prisoner pleads that he had to, that he had a reason. The judge wants to know what the reason was. The defendant was on a mission...  a matter of life and death. But whose life or death he is not allowed to say. But it was secret business, International state secret, confidential, state confidential of the highest order. that such business is above the law!
   Seeing such business as being "above the law" maddens the Judge. He fined the defendant 20 units which the defendant could not pay! So the defendant was dragged off by the Judge, aided by the Butler, and locked up in the cage, bang to rights!
    That of course was during the episode of Once Upon A Time, what was to follow was a fourth and final trial with no fewer than three defendants, who are brought before the 'President,' a title given to French Judges. There were three cases heard, pleaded before the 'President.' No.48, youth, with its enthusiasm which rebels against any accepted norm because it must and we sympathise. It may wear flowers in its hair, bells on its toes, but when the common good is threatened, when the function of society is endangered, such revolts must cease.
   The ex-No.2 is next up before the beak, a late No.2 as described by the 'President.' An established, successful, secure member of the establishment, who turning on and biting the hand that feeds him! Well these attitudes are dangerous, they contribute nothing to our culture and are to be stamped out!
    Then finally there is a man who has been conducting his private war, and it is conceded that despite materialistic efforts he has survived intact and secure. All that remains is the recognition of a man, a man of steel magnificently equipped to lead them, that is, lead them or go!
    Well of course the Prisoner known as No.6, who then became known as merely 'Sir' accepted the "prize" of the key to his house, travellers cheques.. a million, a passport... valid for anywhere and petty cash. And in this he rejected the offer of ultimate power, which may have very well seen him remain a PRISONER.
   Such is the variety of the four trials within the Prisoner, different trials for differing crimes of different people. Trumped up charges, a death sentence which is not carried out. And two previous citizens of the village put in a place of sentence until 'sir's' inauguration! And Sir himself, seen to be pure. His revolt being good and honest. And who has vindicated the right of the individual to be individual... he is the only individual!

BCNU...... next time...I hope.

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