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Tuesday 21 February 2012

The Two Faces of No.2

   This is the smiling, happy face of No.2, as she maquerades as the maid No.58. In fact judging by her attitude during the election period of Free for All, No.2 really does appear as though she is enjoying herself. However by the end of the episode we see the other side to No.2's character, her darker side.

   No.2 informs No.6, who has just taken a beating from the two mechanics, that this is but the beginning, That they have many ways and means, but they don't wish to damage him permanently.
   Well if this is the other face of No.2, I shouldn't care to be in No.6's deck shoes! Whatever this No.2's intentions are towards No.6 are during her term of office, can only be speculated upon. But one thing is for sure, judging by the severe looking No.2, any intentions towards No.6 cannot be good for him! And she will have some kind of harm done to him I'll be bound.
   In this particular case, the two faces of No.2, are rather like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, or No.1 and No.6. You see, just like No.6 and No.2, we all have dark side which must surely emerge to the surface at one time or another. A dark side which none of us could live without, for the darker side gives us strength, it makes the type of decisions our other lighter side would rather not have to make. The one side good, the other evil if you like, but together they make us who we are, and are unable to do without the one or the other. Eiuther that of Rachel Herbert was a damned fine actress. I wounder which character Racheal enjoyed playing best, No.58 or No.2?

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