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Monday 13 February 2012

Different Values - A second Delve Into The Paper

     In the paper written by Chris Tame, first published in the New Libertarian Review of September 1974, Tames states "What are we to make of all this? - within the Prisoner - what specifically is the meaning of that climatic confrontation with Number 1? Was McGoohan stating that Number 6 is imprisoned by himself, by his refusal to compromise for the "common good?" At least one critic made such an interpretation "the truth seemed to be a kind of self-humiliation in which McGoohan discovered that his personal ego was the beginning and the end of his troubles."
   Well that could be the truth of the matter, certainly the Prisoner could be self inflicted, as in the interview with No.8-Nadia during The Chimes of Big Ben. I feel that the Prisoner was the cause of McGoohan's later troubles, and those troubles stem from himself. His beliefs, and attitudes towards morality.
   Certainly McGoohan has never truly embraced his creation, has never been comfortable with discussing it, and in the main has kept fans of the Prisoner well away beyond arms length.
   Part of the trouble is also the fact that McGoohan never expected his creation, the Prisoner, to achieve "cult status," to have gained the world-wide fan base the series has enjoyed over the past four decades. And if McGoohan has never been easy talking about the Prisoner, then he should not have created the series in the first place. And if he hadn't, I would not be sat here typing these words, so thanks for that anyway Patrick!
   Tame also asks "Has number 6 succumbed to his own form of temptation, to the simple desire to escape and for the illusion of freedom evoked by speeding in his sports car?
   Well the only sign of Number 6's freedom is demonstrated when he is sat behind the
 wheel of his Lotus 7, as he is happy to be behind the wheel of his kar in two episodes, Many Happy Returns, and yes even Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling. Because even though it is the figure of the Colonel we see behind the wheel of the Lotus 7, we must not forget it is the mind of No.6 who will actually be enjoying the driving experience, and not that of the Colonel!

I'll be seeing you.

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