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Saturday 25 February 2012

The Therapy Zone

The Prisoner

   For years a number of fans of the Prisoner were of the opinion that when Number 6 put this message in the personal column of the next issue of The Tally Ho "Hay mas mal enel aldea que se suena", he had been overcharged. "Nine words. That's three units Sir."
   Well I could see how fans thought Number 6 had actually been over charged for 8 words. But then it struck me. The fans had made the mistake with the Spanish word "enel", as fans had made two words out of the one "en el".
    Originally in the script when No.6 pays a second visit to the General store he asks for a small note book and a roll of adhesive tape. The tape would be used to fix the coded message to the pigeon's leg. In the episode the pigeon had a ring attached to its leg. Which means there's actually a pigeon fancier living in the village. Either that or the bird is a racing pigeon miles off course!
    Also in the original script, instead of No.14 following No.6 through the village towards the Stone Boat, where No.6 eventually hides the white envelope he's carrying, No.6 is followed through the village by No.14 but first to the Cafe, and then to the stagecoach which is positioned near the electronic "Free Information" board you see in Arrival and Free For All, you can just see the stagecoach in those scenes.
   No.6 opens the door to the stagecoach and climbs inside and looks round the moonlit interior. He takes the envelope from his pocket, lifts the squab {the seat cushion} and puts the envelope underneath it. Then he leaves. No.14 reports to No.2 over the walkie-talkie, No.14: "He's come out Sir. He's heading towards the house." No.2 "Let him go. Wait for me at the stagecoach."
    No.2 moves off quickly to join No.14 at the Stagecoach. On the way No.6 passes the fish pond and is forced to hide as No.2 passes him. No.6 smiles to himself, and then walks on. At the stagecoach No.14 is waiting as No.2 approaches. "No.2 "He must have left it in here. Give me the torch."
   This scene had to be changed as the stagecoach had by this time been removed from its location, to the workshops in order to have restoration work carried out on it.

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