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Tuesday 28 February 2012

Thought For The Day

    During the aerial tour of the Village in Arrival No.2 suggests to the Prisoner the possibility, that he may be given a position of authority, does No.2 think that wise? After all once attaining the position as the New No.2 in Free For All, having been the people's choice, what did No.6 immediately do? He tried to organise a mass breakout of the Village! Not having been in the position for five minutes, the former No.6 abused his position of authority.Of course there was never any chance that the new No.2's plan would work, but that's not the point. No.6 showed his true colours, and I'm amazed that in Fall Out No.6 is seen to be the person, individual, a man magnificently equipped to lead them, certainly after what No.6 had tried to do during Free For All. The transfer of ultimate power to the former No.6? I don't believe it!

   Perhaps it was No.1 who wanted out, to escape, and the only way he could do that would be to find someone like him, to play figurehead for the Village!


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