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Friday 10 February 2012

Feb 10th

Feb 10th

    You have seen todays date, which is quite significant in regard to the Prisoner, and its all due to an issue of The Tally Ho as seen above. The headline "Is No.2 Fit For Further Term?" being read by No.14 in A B and C is not questioning No.2's ability, but that of his health, he has a stomach ulcer, hence his drinking milk in the episode as well as that of The General. It is the headline which is the important thing in A B and C, whereas it is the date itself Feb 10th which is the important factor as far as The Schizoid Man is concerned, being the date iof No.6's day-date calendar as well as The Tally Ho.
   On the face of it, it would seem that two episodes are taking place at one and the same time, and if that were the case then it would mess up the Prisoner for any possible chronological order. However, this particular issue was designed to do the job for both episodes, and is the only issue of The Tally Ho to be issued with a date, Feb 10th, which is unfortunate for A B and C if you happen to observe the date of No.14's newspaper. And certainly there can be no question of No.2's helath in The Schizoid Man, although there might be a question mark of his ability to carry on as No.2, so in that regard the headline would be correct!

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  1. It's like every day can be Feb 10 in the village...... :-D

    I wonder how much importance we should place on Time, as described by the village. We know from the episode with Janet that No6 had been absent from the real world for about a year, but who knows how time is manipulated in the village? No6 spends half his time being drugged and can only know that the date is whatever they tell him it is. The geography of the village is important in this regard too perhaps. If No6 was in the village in the Baltic, February weather should be snow and ice, whereas in the village off the coast of Morocco then February would be more balmy. If he was in the village off the coast of Kent, then the weather could be almost either.. :-D

    Having said that, the writers did seem to want to have their cake and eat it (as Mrs.Butterworth would say) because they made Time crucial to more than one plot.

    That headline might equally easily have fitted the Hammer into Anvil episode too I suppose.

  2. Hello Moor,

    Every day in the Village can certainly seem like the day before, and the day that is yet to come.
    In the Village 'the Prisoner' is almost timeless, while outside the Village 'the prisoner' can be dated, especially in London during 'Fall Out.'
    The geographic location of the Vilage has been put to much debate over the years, thought to be on the Baltic, but No.6 proves that not to be the case during his sea voyage in 'Many Happy Returns.' If No.6 had put to sea on his open raft in the Baltic he wouldn't have lasted a day, especially in the month of February, he would definately have died from exposure, hyperthermia. It was bad enough that he should have to venture into the Alantic Ocean, perhaps even the Bay of Biscay which can enjoy at times 65 foot waves, aboard that open raft.

    Yes indeed who can be sure of what date it is in the Village at any one time? Certainly Feb 10th was manipulated, because about a month or so after it was still Feb 10th, depending of course how long it took No.6 to grow a full beard.

    "Is No.2 Fit For Further Term?" meaning No.2 of 'Hammer Into Anvil' yes it could relate to him. I've a feeling that that particular No.2 ended up on the psychiatric wing of the hospital!

    Be seeing you