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Thursday 16 February 2012

Playing Second Fiddle

   No.100, assistant to the heir presumptive during the episode of It’s Your Funeral, who is both confident and keen to see the plan succeed. He assures No.2 that his division, "Plan division Q will be operational exactly on time."
   No.100 has been embroiled in a plot with his equally sly superior from the very start. He is confident in his indoctrination of the little watchmaker-No.51, he's never had a problem yet, posing as a fellow conspirator in the plot to assassinate the retiring No.2. He's certainly a slippery customer, and very plausible as far as the little watchmaker is concerned. But is there more to this man than this? Because it was he who provided the explosive concealed in the replica of the 'Great Seal of Office' worn by No.2 at ceremonies. The explosion would surely have taken out everyone standing on the balcony, including the new No.2! Was this to have been a double cross on the part of No.100, is he as ambitious as No.14 of Hammer Into Anvil?
   Such an assassination/execution would have rid the village of a man who would have had mass reprisals carried out against the community, and have it done with a smile on his face.
    But we meet with another of No.2's assistants who is not up to No.6 physically, battered into unconsciousness in a brutal fist fight by No.6. His one mistake was to make an enemy of, and underestimating No.6, as many have done before him, and will again.

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