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Wednesday 29 February 2012

What's That No.6 Up To Now?

   "Number Six, allow me to introduce you to Mister Brian Cox."
    "Is he in the Prisoner?"
    "He is now!"
    "What's he doing?"
    "He's making a search of your cottage, in fact he's going to make a sweep of your entire cottage, that's what he’s doing."
    "The maids already flicked a feather duster about the place!"
    "Very amusing Number Six!"
    "Doesn't your man need a broom, if he's going to be sweeping my cottage?"
    "No, it doesn't work like that Number Six. Brian here is going to electronically sweep your cottage, with this metal detector!"
    "Isn't technology wonderful! What's he going to be looking for?
    "The Professor's recorder."
    "Why don't you get Brian here to look in the wardrobe?"
   "He will, in a moment Number Six. Do you realise that there will be those who will deny that Brian Cox here was ever in the Prisoner series. Yet here he is, if only for a few moments....."
    ............ "While he makes a search of my cottage in fact!"


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