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Tuesday 28 February 2012

Postcard From The Village

   The words "We want Six, Six is the One. We want Six, Six is the One. We want Six, Six is the One" suddenly spring to mind as the good citizens of the community chant for No.6 outside the Town Hall. Yes, I know that the former No.6, now the new No.2 is wearing a 2 rosette, but I have Fall Out in mind, and the possibility that Six and One are one and the same.
   It's a few days over a month for the Prisoner convention at Portmeirion {March 30th - April 1st}, and if I were there and taking part in the Election Parade re-enactment I would be chanting "We want Six, Six is the One" and in all probability be posted "Unmutual" for my time and trouble!

I'll be seeing you.......but not at the convention, been there, done it, bought the 'T' shirt.

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