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Saturday 11 February 2012

Village Library

As it happens, I received a package yesterday, it was waiting for me after my wife and I had returned home from shopping. The package contianed a letter, and three books, one of which was the above, and has been added to my collection. I have never felt the desire to add this book to my collection, let alone to read it. But since I have been given my friend's copy, I feel the compunction to read it, or at the very least probe its pages now and again. I understand the book is good for quotes, as I am told it contains much of other people's previously published work. I know it's about Patrick McGoohan, and that he was both Danger Man and the Prisoner, but quite honestly I have never really been a fan of McGoohan, only of John Drake and Number Six, what's more I have never read a biography in my life, if one can call this tome a biography given other people's thoughts and reviews of this book.
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