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Monday 20 February 2012

The Village Fashion Page

    It's all about what the well dressed citizens of the Village will be wearing this season, and from the top clothes designers as modelled here during this weeks Village Fashion Parade. It appears that the coming season will be one in which "anything goes," even the retro look is back from the roaring twenties.
    But for those less formal occasions, the classic Village look is still "in" this year, as modelled by No.18.
The multi coloured striped jersey, narrow hips are in again, with tightly cut jeans, and flat shoes is what all the girls will be wearing this summer for the "girl about deck" casual look, and topped off with a sailors cap. Even here in the Village trends can be set, and Village fashion can cater for all tastes and looks, as there is something for the business woman who is going places, but who still requires that look of independence, yet uniformed, as modelled by No.8.
Wearing a navy blue poloneck jersey, which combines magnificently with the salmon pink slacks, ankle socks, and flat canvas shoes for comfort. Along with the all weather, colourful striped cape to help get you noticed. Whole ensemble is topped off with a red Trilby. Yes, the Trilby is definately back this season, despite some saying that the Trilby never really went away. Yes, the red or blue Trilby is definately one for the ladies, and the mordern day business woman.
   For the more exotic and daring girls, and young women amongst us, who look for something a little more daring and sexy in todays modern fashions, there is the white chiffon veil, over a white satin dress with matching high heeled shoes, and earings, for that glamourous sexylook, as seen modelled by Sonia at a recent Funfair fasion shoot.
    For the more "racey" look, Sonia is modelling a white raincoat, crash helmet, with matching accessory of an E-Type Jaguar.
    But what about the gentlemen? What will the trendy, young man about Village be wearing this season? Well it's the Carnaby Street look again this season, as modelled by No.6.
   A sharp charcoal grey suit, with black, long sleeved Polo shirt, and black elastic sided boots, but with the addition of a black, hand-made Top Hat. Or there is the "out-and-about" look, as sported by Mister 'X'. An 'Ulster' overcoat, worn over a charcoal grey suit, white shirt with frills, and black ribbon tie. Side burns and moustache are optional!

        So there we have it, a sample of some of the looks you can expect to see in the season to come. I have to thank the owners of the Kursaal Funfair at Southend-on-Sea for their co-operation, along with No.2, who instigated this fashion shoot, giving special dispensation for going beyond the confimes of the Village.  Special thanks go to the French Fashion photographer Monsieur Pierre Le Buffon, pictured here at the Kursaal Funfair.
   Monsieur Buffon is himself something of a trend setter, slim-cut trousers, a light blue leather jacket, black gloves, topped off with a Lenin -style hat, and sunglasses. And we thank him for his choice of location shoot.

   Sonia is pictured thanking Monsieur Le Buffon with a kiss, a most pleasing experience it would seem.
Bonjour Chez Vous


  1. What great styles. I only wish the world outside would realize the awesomeness of Village Vogue.

    -No. 42

  2. Hello Number Forty-Two,

    And don't forget that jackets with piping and in a variety of styles, have been in vogue for the past two or three years, for both men and women. I myself have three piped blazer/jackets and in three different styles. Two of old Village, and one of new Village.

    Be seeing you