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Thursday 9 February 2012

The Therapy Zone

Not So Merry Widow

    At the end of The General my wife Morag wondered if No.6 had come to pay his repects to Madam Professor, to extend his sympathy. I said, seeing as No.6 went inside the house, leaving the Madam Professor seated outside with her grief, it was more likely that he'd gone to have a final poke about the house.
    No sensitivities shown for  recent widow by No.6 then!

Poor Dear Arthur!
   Did poor dear Arthur, Mrs Butterworth's husband really exist? It is not normal for a widow, when moving home, to bring her dead husbands clothes with her and then hang them in a wardrobe let alone to "lay out" his shaving things. Usually if the possessions were kept by the widow they would be carefully stored away. I know she made the excuse that it made her feel there was a man about, but it doesn't ring true somehow. It's also a strange coincidence that "Dear Arthur" took exactly the same size clothes and shoes as Number Six!
It’s Your Funeral

    It’s Your Funeral, the main plot concerns itself about the plot to assassinate the retiring No.2, or rather his execution, seeing as it's his own people who are to carry it out, but to make it appear as though it is an assassination so that mass reprisals can be carried out on the innocent citizens of the village, thereby teaching them a lesson and keeping them in line.
    But is there an under plot? Could it be that No.1 is once again putting No.6 to the test, to see if he can counter the plot to assassinate/execute the retiring No.2, and thereby saving the good citizens of the community from those promised mass reprisals, by which it is possible to find out whether or not No.6 cares enough so as not to simply stand by and do nothing.

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