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Monday 27 February 2012

What Happened The Day After Appreciation Day?

    During the episode of It’s Your Funeral, No.6, with the aid of the watchmakers daughter Monique-No.50, stopped the assassination/execution of the retiring No.2. I have often wondered what the implications might be for the following day, the day after 'Appreciation Day.'?
   I think we can take it that the 'new' No.2 would still be in place, even after his failure of It’s Your Funeral, in that his failure to see the retiring No.2 executed on No.1's orders. Because it would be something to bring in another 'new' No.2 to replace the current 'new' No.2 having only been appointed to the position.
   But certainly there would be no mass reprisals taken out on the citizens of the village. However I can think that the 'new' No.2 would make it very hard for No.6, through whose interference brought about No.2's failure. But then at the time of being the heir presumptive, the plan had been to involve No.6, so really No.2 only had himself to blame for his own downfall. Had he not involved No.6...... well who can say?
   What would take place on the day after 'Appreciation day' is down to anyone's imagination. No.6 certainly retired back into the woods with his home-made gymnasium equipment, keeping himself to himself, as was the case in A Change of Mind.
   It could be the case that No.2 looked to take out some reprisal against No.6 for his involvement in the plan to execute the retiring No.2 of the day before. What those reprisals might be, could range from some form of hospital treatment. A beating from No.2's 'bully-boys,' after all his subtle plan of the previous day hadn't gone so well had it. And what's more the 'Appreciation Day' monument had been removed, well certainly before the day dawned on A Change of Mind it had. My bet would be that the 'Appreciation Day' monument had been removed some time during the night, and that the events of the day before had been swept under the carpet. But No.1's trust in No.2 would certainly have been dented, and could not be trusted to execute another audacious plan, such as he had been previously given.
   The heir presumptive of the previous day had actually staked his life on the right result, of things going like clockwork, just as No.1 had said. It might be that after an interim time this 'new' No.2 did pay with his life, not having the ability to carry out a simple exercise as in It’s Your Funeral, for which it might so easily have been, had 'they' not involved No.6!


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