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Saturday 25 February 2012

What's That Number Six Up To?

 It would appear that No.6 is still carrying about with him, that envelope he had to give to No.2 of A B & C, and now he's about to try the same trick on Mrs. Butterworth, the new No.2! You remember that envelope, No.2 thought it contained something the Prisoner had to sell, but contained nothing more than holiday brochures! Surely Mrs B's not going to fall for that one?
    Mrs Butterworth "What have you there?"
    No.6 "It's my last will and testament, I wonder if you would do me the favour of placing in the safe for me."
    "The safe set in the wall behind the television set."
    "Oh. What have you to leave, anything valuable?"
    "Nothing at all really. You've got my home, my car. I don't even own the clothes I'm wearing!"
    "Then what have you of value?"
    "Information! How mysterious."
    "Yes, it's the reason why I resigned!"
    "Resigned, from what?"
    "My job, former life, call it what you like."
    "I can see that you are a man in trouble. Look let me help you. You go and have a bath, while I put that envelope in the safe for you."
    "Mrs. Butterworth you're very kind."
    "Nonsense." said Mrs Butterworth, "Now give that envelope to me and go and have your bath and shave, and I'll take care of this burden for you."
    While Peter Smith is busy in the bathroom, Mrs Butterworth opens the envelope to discovers several sheets of paper - they are all blank!

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