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Wednesday 22 February 2012

Village Psychology

    What's this sign all about then? Shouldn't that be "Don't walk on the grass?" Well that's village psychology for you, and this is just the beginning. Because by this sign they are inviting you to "walk on the grass" and in doing so you have the chance to demonstrate your non-conformity to the village. Or perhaps an invitation for you to break the only rule in the village you will be allowed to break during your time as an inmate.
   Or there could be another reason, a test to see who will actually obey the sign by actually 'walking on the grass.' The brass band walks across the lawn, as do the old couple who greet the Prisoner in the Piazza "Beautiful morning." and in his turn so does the Prisoner. But as you can see by the above picture, the Prisoner does give the sign some consideration. Perhaps because it is more usual to see a sign saying "Don't Walk On The Grass."
   Later the Prisoner-No.6 would meet with other psychological ways of the villages administration. In the way they keep the inmates busy with "Art & Craft Exhibitions" , painting competitions, Village festivals, Carnivals. Art seminars held by the Professor's wife. There's the "Palace of Fun" where citizens are allowed to join in with amateur dramatics, to gamble, drink, sing and frolic. Then there are human chess games, to satisfy the desire for power, the only chance one gets in the village, unless of course you are allowed to "run for office" as No.6 does in Free For All.
    Everything that the village administration does, has it seems, a psychological reason behind it. Even to the extent of the village itself, it's bricks and mortar, the colour of the buildings, its Italianate style given so that you could almost be anywhere in the world. This in itself has a psychological reason behind it, to confuse and cause disorientation to the new arrival in the village. As was the case with the Prisoner upon his first day in the village. He awakens in what he thinks is his own home. But when he raises the blinds and looks out upon a scene of the village....... he is instantly confused and disorientated. As was Nadia as she too woke up and looked out of the window upon the village. Although she was putting it on as an act. Nadia knew exactly where she was, and why she was brought to the village in the first place!
   And don't forget the almost holiday place atmosphere of the village. Citizens are free to enjoy the beach, swimming pool-lido. To sunbathe, build sandcastles, as in ones childhood. Sail plastic boats in the various pools around the village. And the Stone Boat wasn't for nothing you know. Psychologically she was good in any weather! Physically she couldn't sail anywhere, being part of the quayside as she is!
   Simple psychology, the way it is in life, you soon learn who's for or against you, you judge by attitudes. Mind you with some people in the village you instantly know who's for or against you. There was no mistaking the two doctors in Dance of the Dead and Checkmate. Those two were much one and the same. A male doctor-No.40, and the female doctor-No.22 respectively.
   That doctor No.22 wanted to carry out a leucotomy on No.6 after seeing the results of his psychological tests. A leucotomy to knock out the centres of the brain. Well really to isolate the aggressive frontal lobes. This so as to rid the man of his aggressive tendencies! Well that was a good idea wasn't it? That just might have put paid to getting out any of the secrets inside No.6's head, if that doctor had been allowed to tamper with No.6's brain in that way, let alone the reason behind his resignation!
   And how about that piece of psychology in Arrival during the Prisoner's interview with the manager of the labour exchange, that time in his office. When the Prisoner had to fit a round peg into a square hole in a table. the hole changed it's shape in order to make the round peg fit! A psychological demonstration perhaps, to show that if the Prisoner didn't change so as to fit in, then the village itself would change! But I couldn't really see the village being prepared to change simply in order to fit with the Prisoner-No.6, could you?

Yes you could say that    is completely 'Cycleogical'! Get it, cycleogical!

Be seeing you

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