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Sunday, 12 August 2012

This Week I Am Mostly Watching

   Billy the Kid and Doc Holiday are fleeing justice at the hands of the law when they encounter a ravishing half-breed named Rio, a sensually potent performance from Jane Russell. Rio becomes Billy's girlfriend and joins them as they are relentlessly hunted down by an old pal of the Kid's, Sheriff Pat Garrett. In the heat of the pursuit passions flare and Billy is unavoidably drawn to the luscious Rio.
   Yet this is not the complete reason for watching this film. For there is a scene which takes place in the Saloon where Doc Holiday tries to goad Billy the Kid into a gun fight. This scene is very reminiscent of the scene in Living In Harmony where in the Silver Dollar Saloon the Kid tries to goad the stranger into a gun fight. Except 'The Outlaw' is a film long produced before the Prisoner. Both scenes are so alike, that you could easily displace the one for the other with no difficulty at all.

I'll be seeing you Doc!


  1. David Tomblin would likely have been a big movie fan. We talked once about the final gunfight and the stylised death-fall of The Kid, being a take-out from the way Burt Lancaster dies in "Vera Cruz" when Gary Cooper faces him at the film's climax.

    1. Hello Moor,

      Yes, we discussed this when I posted a piece on 'Welcome To Blood City,' you kindly sent me a video clip of the scene from 'Vera Cruz.'

      Be seeing you