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Sunday 21 July 2013

60 Second Interview With Three Kiddies

    Ist Little Boy: Have you come to tell us a story like the other man?
    No.113: What other man?
    Little Girl: Why, Number Six, he comes to see us most nights.
   No.113: Does he?
   Second Boy: Yes, and tells us fairy stories.
   No.113b: Smile! {click goes the camera} 
    Ist little Boy: I say, should you be putting our image here?
    No.113: Oh it's perfectly alright, you're in the village.
    Little Girl: If you've not come to tell us a story, why are you here?
    Second little Boy: Oh yes, please tell us a story.
    Ist little Boy: Oh yes do, it's almost our bed time.
    No.113: Bed time, but it's only half past six.
    Little Girl: Yes we're always put to bed at this time.
    No.113: Do you all have numbers, you're not wearing penny farthing badges.
    Ist little Boy: Well they don't like fractions! Look are you going to tell us a story or not?
    No.113: Well I'm not here for that, you see......
    Little Girl: Well why are you here?
    No.113: Are you all brothers and sisters?
    Ist little Boy: No, I'm her brother.....
    Little Girl; and I'm his sister......
    Ist little Boy: and he's our friend.
    Second little Boy: Yes I'm their friend. Now what about a story, and not the one about the big bad wolf!
    No.113: Why, have you heard that one?
    Little Girl: Yes, from No.6! And it turned out to be No.2 in the end, who had to be put down for his own good!
    No.113: Oh!
    Little Girl: Have you got any sweets?
    Ist little Boy: Stop it!
    Little Girl: Why, I only asked......
    Ist little Boy: Because we're not allowed to accept sweets from strangers, that's why!
    Second little boy: Has he go any Gobstoppers? Ask him if he's got any Gobstoppers
    Little Girl; Or perhaps he's got Blackjacks, I like blackjacks!
    No.113: No I haven't got any sweets....
    Ist little Boy: Perhaps his credit allowance is all used up!
    No.113: I think I'll come back tomorrow.
    Little Girl: Oh yes do, and bring some sweets with you, Blackjacks and bubble gum.
    Second little boy: And don't forget the Gobstoppers, then you can tell us a story   tomorrow, we'll be waiting.
    Little Girl: Yes do say you'll come?
    Ist little Boy: Yes do say you 'll come tomorrow, please.
    LittleGirl: Yes do say you'll come?
    No.113: Well we'll try
    Boys and Girl in unison: Oh good.

Reporter No,.113
Photographer No.113b

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