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Wednesday 24 July 2013

A Graveyard Littered With Numbers

    No.73 was driven to suicide by a sadistic No.2 in the episode Hammer Into Anvil. There is a birthday greeting for No.6 it is from No.113 "Warmest greetings on your birthday. May the sun shine on you today and everyday." The only trouble is, for the Supervisor-No.28, is that No.113 was an old woman who died a month ago. And of course as No.6 walks the graveyard looking for a suitable number to sign his birthday message, we can observe the grave of both No.73 and 113.
   So I ask the question which I have never asked, or even contemplated before. Why should the dead retain their number as No.73 and 113 did? After all, doesn't that then make those two, and any other such number retained by the deceased, make that number obsolete for use by the living? To do so would mean duplicating any such number, along with any such file kept on any particular person or individual. only the photograph would distinguish between the dead and the living person or individual.
   In the village, I believe that the dead should have no number, only an unmarked grave. However having said that, previously the number 113 was used twice. Once by the reporter for the Tally Ho newspaper during the electoral period of Free For All, and secondly by an old woman who died a month ago, and was never used since. Well as far as we know. So perhaps it is right for the dead in the village graveyard to retain their number. But wouldn't that mess up the villages numbering system?

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