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Saturday 20 July 2013

Doppelgangers by our own reporter

   Everyone has a double, so they say. Well the village appears to enjoy an inordinately large number of doubles, as in the Electrician, and the gardener, both of which No.6 encounters on the day of his arrival here in the Village.
  And there can be no doubt that the electrician and that of the gardener are identical twins. It has been suggested that both men are one and the same, but that would be ridiculous, and what point would there be in that? Besides both doubles were apart at the time the Prisoner encountered the gardener, as the electrician was back in the Prisoner's cottage tidying up!
   And then there is the case of No.113b and No.113c, the photographer during the election period of ‘Free For All.’ He had a twin, No.113c, who operated the Tally Ho dispenser. There can be no doubt of their existence, as when No.6 is faced with the operator of the Tally Ho, he turns to see No.113b waving and making his way back up the street, probably on his way back to the offices of the Tally Ho to get his film developed!
   And what about No.12, ‘The Schizoid Man,’ he's certainly a doppelganger to No.6, and not his twin brother, or it would have been mentioned in the episode, surely.
  It has also been suggested that these twins have been genetically engineered by doctors in the Village, as what is the probability that two pairs of twins would be abducted to the village, or came here of their own volition? So I went to the hospital in order to discover the facts. But as you know the medical staff don't like people looking through their files and hospital records, not that I expected to discover anything, because I didn't. What's more I was unceremoniously thrown out of the hospital on my backside by two burly set medical orderlies!

Your own reporter
Photographs from the Department of Visual Records

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