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Friday 12 July 2013

The Therapy Zone

The Changing Number Twos
   In each episode of the Prisoner we encounter a different Number Two, sometimes two, or as many as four in ‘It's Your Funeral.’ It has been said that to have one Number Two throughout the series would have made it possible for Six to strike up a relationship with Two. But to keep changing the Number Two means that it is impossible for Six to have any kind of relationship with Two. The constant changes of Number Two demonstrate just how expendable Two is, and that the Village administration have ample people to take up the position of Number Two, to take control at any time.
    But here is something to consider. What if they were all not simply all different people, these numerous Number Two's, but different sides of the same character? And in that demonstrating the strengths, weaknesses, and flaws, even to show the feminine side of Two's character.

8-6's Question Time
   I thought I would pose some questions about THEPRIS6NER.

1. Where is The Village?
2, Why does Two keep his wife sedated?
3, Did Two sleep with his mother?
4, Why did Six resign?
5, Is THEPRIS6NER simply all in the mind?
6, Is 93 the former No.6?
7, If the Ocean doesn't exist, why is it on the Map of Your Village?
8, 11-12, is that 1,112?
9, At the beginning of Anvil, the next episode, will Six wake up in the desert again?
10, Why is The Village all that there is?
11, Who is Lucy?
12, And 554 died because.............?

  What is it Six is afraid of? Whatever it is, everytime he becomes afraid, or in fear of something Rover appears on the scene, as pictured here.
  In the original series "Rover" as it was called, and became known as, was the Village Guardian which kept the citizens in line, and was despatched to recapture escaping prisoners. Stopping them by suffocating its victims into unconsciousness or worse. But in THEPRIS6NER Rover is not The Village Guardian. It is not activated at the command "Orange alert." It does not patrol The Village, nor does it keep the citizens of The Village in order, or chase down escaping Prisoners. You will have observed how it was armed guardians who chased the old man 93 out there in the desert, and not Rover, because in THEPRIS6NER Rover's role is very much different. Here is an enlargement of the above picture, because curiously the room in which Two was interrogating Six, who is cowering in a corner, seems to have it's roof missing. What's more that room seems to be under water!
   I'm only making this observation due to the way the sunlight seems to be filtered by water! There is no water anywhere near The Village. There was an ocean in the episode of Harmony, but that was like all the series, in the mind. Which is a pity really, because so is this image!

Be seeing my dreams of the "other place" being The Village

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