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Sunday 28 July 2013

A Favourite Scene In THEPRIS6NER

   In particular, when Two is eating that cherry cake, the way he digs out a cherry with a fork later in this video. You could say this scene is akin to dissecting a cat with a fork, as was described in one review of THEPRIIS6NER.
   The Solar Cafe was a building constructed by the production team. The management at Swakopmund wanted to purchase the cafe, but the producer told them that the cafe was to be blown up in a scene during the final shoot. And a gas explosion in Manhattan is reported over the radio, which it seems the Prisoner is the only one to hear. Is this pre-cogniscance? Because in the episode 'Darling' Lucy dies in a gas explosion in Manhattan, when Michael's apartment is blown apart in that explosion! It's the same with the guy in the baseball cap playing cards. The Prisoner first sees him at the hospital lying on a stretcher mouthing the words "Help me!" Later the Prisoner sees that same man lying dead on a stretcher having been killed in the explosion of the solar cafe!  As for 554, she had to suffer a Village death because Six was getting too close to her! And 147 played by Lenny James, I like him. He's just doing his best for his family.

Breathe in.... breathe out...Village life goes on.

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