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Sunday 28 July 2013

The Therapy Zone

An Observation - Symbolic Meaning Or A Prison For Oneself!
   Have you ever observed the steel lines or bars running both up and down, and round the circular wall of the interior of the Green Dome?
   These final two images certainly give the impression that Number 2 is nicely tucked up in his own personal steel cage. Well the series isn't called the Prisoner for nothing you know!

Patrick McGoohan
   I wonder how Patrick McGoohan feels about this reinterpretation of the Prisoner? Of course we shall in all probability never know, and of course Ptraick has nothing to do with the Prisoner. I mean he doesn't own it, or have any rights to the series, and his attitude towards his creation has not always shown a sympathetic case. I mean he has never found it easy to talk about, or to discuss the series with anyone, save for a select few over the decades following the Prisoner series. But surely, even after all these years, Patrick McGoohan must feel something , to show some interest, if only privately, about the reinterpretation of  his creation, the Prisoner.

The Schizoid Man
    No.2 was shocked to say the least, when he heard that No.6 was dead, that Rover got him and suffocated him to death. So why did Rover attack No.12-Curtis in the first place? Was it something to do with the password, which was the correct password, in the way he said it, with more than a trace of nervousness in his voice, and thrice in the saying "Schizoid Man.... schizoid Man... schizoid Man!" And then Curtis began to run, which would have instantly had an effect of Rover's behaviour, it's natural instinct to give chase to it's prey. And for Curtis to run the way he did, Rover would have instantly decided that that was reason enough.
   Well what other reason could there possibly be? I suppose that it's most unlikely, but Rover could have known before No.2, that Curtis had betrayed the plan to No.6. But then that would lead to the question of how?

The New No.2
   The new No.2 is someone all fans of the Prisoner are very familiar with, so Ian McKellen as the new No.2 will pose no problem for fans. As for a new No.6 - Jim Caviezel, well that shouldn't be a problem either if you think about it. After all there have been so many new No.2's, and numerous No.8's in the village, Nadia Gray during The Chimes of Big Ben, and Rosalie Crutchley in Checkmate, and Alexis Kanner in Living In Harmony to name but three. Not to mention No.14, who only last week was an old woman in a wheelchair, but now a doctor in A B & C, and later No.14 is an assistant to No.2 during the episode of Hammer Into Anvil. And don't forget No.113, a one time contributor to The Tally Ho during the election period of Free For All, but by the time of Hammer Into Anvil was an old woman who died a month ago!
   So you see by these few examples one can see how citizens in the village come and go. They die, or are promoted or demoted. and so we see that numbers are just about the only constant in the village, which all goes to demonstrate that the No.6 we know - Patrick McGoohan - may not have been the first, second, or even third No.6 in the village. But he was most certainly the new No.6 of his time.

I'll be seeing you No.6, whoever you are at the time!

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