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Monday 29 July 2013

The Therapy Zone

The Prisoner - Nerve Gassed?
    A friend's son came up with something which has never occurred to me in all my 46 years and more of Prisoner appreciation. During the opening sequence, as the Prisoner is busy gathering up his passport, visa papers, photographs, and two suitcases, an undertaker pumps nerve gas into the study, the Prisoner, standing at the window looks up confused. My friend's son noted that the show would have been a very different show, had the Prisoner not jerked his head up looking confused, but instead had opened the window.
What is it they say "Out of the mouths of babes and suckling....." And this above only goes to confirm that which I have thought to be the case for many a year, that the Prisoner is better viewed through the eyes of a child rather than those of an adult. There is something about the logical mind of a child, their reasoning to behold. As Oscar Wilde once said "I wish I had thought of that!"

    It has been stated, in the past, that No.6 was brainwashed on more than one occasion. During the election period of Free For All when he is given the truth test, he was brainwashed temporarily. How can you brainwash someone temporarily? And at the beginning of Dance of the Dead, it was claimed that No.6 had been brainwashed so as to answer Dutton’s questions put to him. Well if you asked me, it was Dutton who was brainwashed, because if No.6 had been brainwashed, all the doctor would have to do, would be to put his questions directly to No.6 himself, "Why Did you resign?" and being brainwashed No.6 would not be able to resist, but to tell the doctor the reason why he resigned! And all this without the third element - Roland Walter Dutton.
   No.6 was at times drugged and conditioned, but never brainwashed. the villages administration would never allow that to happen. Besides if No.6 had been brainwashed, to change his ideas or beliefs by physical or mental conditioning, that brainwashing would then have to be reversed, to bring him back to his former rebellious, disharmonious, and reactionary state of mind.
   Because if there is one constant with the Prisoner, he wants to escape, and you don't get that if the subject is continually being brainwashed. Now No.8 the white Queen, she's a typical example of someone who is brainwashed into thinking he is in love with No.6, and he with her!

Number 6’s Rebellious Nature?
    It has been written, in the past, that the chess champion-No.14 of Checkmate, recognises No.6's rebellious nature by his refusal to move on the chessboard.
   Well not really. No.6 had asked No.8-the white Queen after she said "Maybe I could help." "How?" shouted No.6 "How?" "HOW?" He didn't intentionally not move, No.6 was simply preoccupied with the white Queen!

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