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Sunday 14 July 2013

The Therapy Zone

  A new No.2's is one thing. But a new Supervisor, promoted on-screen, well that's a new one! As we see No.60 promoted to Supervisor in ‘Hammer Into Anvil. ‘ And yet in ‘Once Upon A Time,’ we see the Supervisor-No.26 promoted to No.2, by No.2!

A Favourite Moment In The Prisoner Comes
   When I see dark clouds, and hear the clash of thunder. It never fails to stir me, for I know another episode has begun.

Is The Village Guardian The Key?
   After all, out of all the 17 episodes of the Prisoner, the village guardian appears in six episodes which all end in failure for No.6. Whilst the  remaining 11, except for ‘Many Happy Returns’, the Village Guardian does make a brief appearance in ‘A Change of Mind,’ but that is only on film in the Aversion Therapy room, end in triumph.

John Drake?
   Well here we are again, face to face with the question of whether or not the Prisoner known as No.6, is in fact Danger Man's John Drake....... well not quite. You see I've observed something from a new angle.
   Who do you think this is?
   Yes, it's Patrick McGoohan as the Prisoner known as No.6 in the episode The Schizoid Man. So who is this then?
  Yes, it's Patrick McGoohan, his publicity photograph as a matter of fact. But we are not dealing with facts here, simply fiction! This bottom photograph is the same one ex'ed out on the computer print out card in the opening sequence of the prisoner. More than that, it is the photograph shown by the Colonel to Seltzman during that episode ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling.’ So now take a look careful look at both pictures and tell me what you se....... A man wearing perhaps the same suit of clothes in both pictures, it's difficult to tell as the picture is black and white.
   But there's the fictional twist coming, and here it is..... The suit of clothes worn by No.6 in the top picture, is in fact the suit of clothes belonging to one No.12-Curtis! So, Curtis is John Drake, assigned to The Village under the pseudonym of Curtis, and given the number 12! So who does that make No.6?

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