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Sunday 21 July 2013

Past Times!

Many thanks for the Executive Chimes.
Unfortunately, I ordered the economy
Edition so I had to tear out some
Of the pages to make it right. I
Then discovered that I had disposed
Of the part I wanted to keep
So the part that I had left was not
The alternative Chimes but the alt-
ernative to the alternative Chimes,
so once again I had no alternative
but to tear out the unwanted half of
the alternative to the alternative
Chimes {which was the totally un-
wanted alternative to the alternative
alternative Chimes} and, as an alternative,
keep the less wanted alternative alternative
to the alternative Chimes. As this left me with a
degusting cartoon about our beloved auricular
heir to the throne, there was little alternative
but to bung it in the bin. I should jolly
well like to know who was responsible
for this scurrilous and disgraceful
attack on our poor, defenceless future King.
                     - Peter Preston
                       Holyhead, Gywnedd.
Yes, that was a genuine letter – quite alt-
Ernative really. Ed.

   This I read in "Chimes" magazine 1991. The name is known, and is someone I still have contact with today. I think I shall send Peter the piece, to see if he remembers it.

Be seeing you

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