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Thursday 25 July 2013

Who's That On The Telephono?

   No.2 "Number Two here, I'm on yellow!"
   No. 283 "I'm sorry sir?"
   "There's no point in being sorry. I'm on yellow!"
   "Yellow what sir?"
   "The telephono!"
   "Oh I see sir, I'm on grey."
   "Have you completed the tests on those sheets of paper I gave you?"
   "Give us a chance, we've only just started!"
   "Don't you talk to me like that!"
   "I'm sorry sir, but the tests take time."
   "Well yes, I've had an idea about that."
   "Yes sir?"
   "Have you tested for lemon juce?"
   "I'm sorry sir?"
   "Look I've already told you it's no good being sorry! Have you tested for lemon juce?"
   "Why should we do that sir, did you spill some on the papers?"
   "Lemon juce, did you spill some of it on the papers while you were having breakfast?"
   "No, of course I didn't!"
   "Well wouldn't it be something of a waste of time?"
   "It's certainly a waste of time talking to you! What do you mean?"
   "You want us to fast-track the results of our tests on these blank sheets of paper, and yet you want to waste our time testing for lemon juce!"
    "Because whatever is written on those sheets of paper, word, fugures whatever, could have been written in leamon juice!"
   "Oh, you mean like invisible ink!"
   "Have you tested for that?"
   "Well get on with it!" No.2 puts the phone down on his desk, "Idiot! I'm surrounded by idiots!"


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