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Saturday 27 July 2013


   There being nothing on any of the television channels that we wanted to watch, my wife said why don't we be radical and watch 'the Prisoner?' I said why don't we be really rebellious and watch THEPRIS6NER instead? So we did. It would seem that this series has become a first choice series for me to watch. We watched 'Arrival' as a one-off episode, but I have a feeling that for the next Friday eveings we may very well be watching the whole mini-series again, and that will be seven times we have watched the series. Well why not? I really enjoy the series, I get excited at the thought of watching it. What's more I'm not alone in appreciating this series, and now other die-hard fans of the original series are begining to find appreciation for this series.
   I made no fresh observations about 'Arrival last night, I simply sat back and enjoyed the episode.

Breathe in....breathe out....Village life goes on.

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