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Thursday 25 July 2013

Quote For The Day

   "Why should Number Six hide blank sheets of paper in the Stoneboat?"
                                                        {No.2 - Hammer Into Anvil}
   Why indeed?! I suppose it was like the way No.6 wrote that message to XO4, signing it D6. Listening to six records, and making sure the shopkeeper No.112 saw him, not mention the questioning of the word "security" in The Tally Ho. Then there was the piece No.6 had placed in the personal column of The Tally Ho, a joke between himself and a friend. After that he telephoned the Psychiatric Department, speaking with the head of the Department, knowing that the telephone call would be recorded, and reported on. He went to the Brass Band concert, and asked the Band Leader to play the Farandole from the L'arlesienne suite. Then there was the birthday greeting to No.6, he bought a Cuckoo clock, and the business of sending of a message by pigeon, and the planting of the said Cukoo clock at the door of the Green Dome. Later that evening No.6 went down onto the beach to heliograph to a non-existant ship, plane, or submarine. And finally the last drop of poison, via the rubbish No.6 spoke to No.14 about not being able to sleep, insomnia, that there's no point lying in bed when you're awake. So he got up and went for a walk, a long walk along the beach.....marvelous at that time of day, invigorating. the air, it's brisk and clear....the rain on your face, the wind on your cheeks...............he was Jamming, seeing as how all his plots against No.2 were non-existant!   Footnote: we do not hear about Jamming until the following episode 'It's Your Funeral.'

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