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Thursday 25 July 2013

The Therapy Zone

Supervisors Report
    I've just been sacked! There I was in the Control Room doing my job as a radio D.J for Village Radio, when No.2 together with his assistant No.14, come bursting wanting to know what's going on.
    No.2 looks at me and asks me about that personal message for No.6. "What about it?" I asked because I'd no idea what he was going on about. Well I ask you, how was I supposed to know it wasn't No.6's birthday! And the fact that No.113 doesn't exist, well the man's obviously off his head!
   I swore that I'm innocent, but he didn't believe me, he finished me. And I was led out of the Control Room by that No.14!


the Prisoner - Success or Failure?
   Financially the series was a flop. The production company Everyman Films, owned by Patrick McGoohan, David Tomblin, and another individual who's name eludes me for the moment, went into bankruptcy, and led the Inland Revenue a merry dance, according to rumour.
   Artistically the Prisoner was a failure at the time, the general public were not ready for such a surreal series which was ahead of its time, and even the social comment of its day went over the head of the average viewer. Yet time is a great educator and over the decades people living in many countries around the world have come to appreciate the series and has become a resounding success, perspicacious, stimulating, annoying, and yes entertaining. But the Prisoner has taken time to achieve this success, yet there are people who cannot see the point, and are still dead-set against it today. Probably because they have the same problem as others before them. They have not tried to make any sense of the Prisoner, because they can't or its too much trouble to try!
   Yet through the decades each new generation have found the Prisoner either in Video or Dvd form on shelves in stores on the high street. Have bought said Video's or DVD's and have become firm fans of the series. Well if new fans had not come to the series appreciation for the Prisoner might very well die out, as the original fans of the series, those who formed Six of One: The Prisoner Appreciation Society back on January 6th 1977 are now either in their late 50's or early 60's years of age, a sobering thought for those of their kind.
   The Prisoner was never intended as after dinner fodder, and perhaps that is why it lost the race. Over the decades we have learned differently. Failure or success? Well failure can be instant. Success takes a little longer, and I'm pleased to say that appreciation for the series is still alive and kicking today.

Supervisors Report
   Well there I was, happily going about my business as assistant to the Supervisor-No.28, when No.2 came bursting into the Control Room ranting and raving. He tore a strip off the Supervisor, with the result that he finished No.28, had him removed from his position as Supervisor and was led away by No.2's assistant No.14.
   Then No.2 pointed at me, and told me to take over. And more than that, he warned me to stay away from No.6, otherwise I'd lose more than my Job! His last words to me, and the Control Room personnel was that "I’ll break this conspiracy!" Well quite obviously No.2 is off his head. But I'm not one to tell him that.

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