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Saturday 13 July 2013

Thought For The Day

   It has often been questioned as to which episode was supposed to be put before the other in the screening order of 'the Prisoner,' 'A B and C,' or 'The General? Fans all have their ideas, favouring one or the other, while others are completely indifferent to it, saying what does I matter, they are where they are in the series, and no amount of deliberation will alter that fact. Well of course that is perfectly true. 'A B and C' was the tenth episode in production, that places it before 'The General. However, might not the clue as to which episode prededed the other be in the hands of No.2, picturd above? In 'A B and C' No.2 {Colin Gordon} uses that over-sized, curved, red telephone. And yet 'The General,' he uses the regular red 'L' shaped telephone. It would seem that Colin Gordon wasn't perpared to put up with that ridiculous telephone for a second episode!

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