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Monday 15 July 2013

The Therapy Zone

You're Not The Duke Of Wellington Are You?
    In the episode of The Girl who was Death, Napoleon, played by No.2, asks No.6 {Mr. X} "You're not the Duke of Wellington are you?" As it happens, in the book Webster’s Dictionary of Proper Names, Number One, London, is referred to as the old postal address of Apsley House at Hyde Park Corner - the first Duke of Wellington's home.
   A curious point, nothing more than that.

 The Prisoner means-what-you-see. Either that or it-means-something-else!

   In the Chimes of Big Ben, we see the unconscious Nadia Rakovski brought to the village by helicopter. It's nice to see a new arrival, just having arrived, and waking up in what Nadia thinks is her own home. For we can visualise how it must have been for the Prisoner, to arrive in the village by helicopter.

   I wonder what happened to that Scammell Highway Tarnsporter, abandoned on the Thames embankment, and the mobile cage set upon the trailer? I suppose the police had it towed away!

The Jester Of The Court!
   No.48, wears funny clothes, a Jester's bell about his neck which he frequently rings. Certainly the delegates of the Assembly certainly like his singing and dancing, in fact they join in with him. But No.48 is not the only funny entertainer, the "late" No.2 opens his address with a funny thing happened to me..... on my way here, ha, ha, ha, ha! So is Fall Out nothing more than a pantomime, which the viewer has to make some sense of?

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