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Tuesday 16 July 2013

The Therapy Zone

   I was sat doing a crossword the other night, when I came across a clue which I set  down here, "A self contained part of a larger whole." I wanted to answer "The Village Guardian," but there were too many letters, and "Rover" was too short!

  There can be no doubt
 of 93's former life in that Other Place. The sketch of St. Stephen's Tower of the Houses of Parliament. There is no evidence that 93, the former Number Six had any connection with the Houses of Parliament, but St. Stephen's Tower is a London landmark.
    I suppose if I were in The Village and had dreams of another life in the Other Place, I would draw a picture of
  [The Carillon Tower]    The Carillon Tower in Loughborough. But it could equally have been Croyland, or Crowland Abbey.
  To make nothing of the Radar Station at Brickyard Bridge, in the 1960's, a stones throw from where I used to live at Whipchicken Road at Postland in fens of the county of Lincolnshire.
    So if you were in The Village, and dreaming of the "Other Place" what would your sketch be of I wonder?

    I have suggested in past blog-articles, of the possibility that M2, Two's wife controls everything and everyone in The Village in her subconscious mind. But I was wrong, this does not happen, nor would it be possible for M2 to control absolutely everything in The Village. Yes people are brought to The Village through Two and M2's mind, while both The Village and those born in The Village are created by M2's mind. But afterwards the general populous have to do things for themselves, as they would in the real world. When M2 wakes one time from her unconscious state, she asks Two how her son is and asks what he's like, and Two tells her that he's quite grown up now. So if M2 was controlling everything in The Village in her mind, then she would have known about her son, and so would not have needed to ask. So when in the episode Schizoid, when Two gives his son 11-12, the opportunity to spend time with his mother, so that he may get to know her a little, that cuts both ways in my book. Because 11-12 may not know his mother, as his mother doesn't know her son 11-12 either!

    There is something which this series shares with the original series of the Prisoner, Six, like his predecessor, was brought to The Village for a reason. Both No.6 and Six are seen to have a future with The Village, and during the process no harm must befall either one of them.
    In the original No.6 was offered ultimate power, an offer which he rejected during Fall Out, yet in the final episode of this series, Six accepts the offer of ultimate power. But only because he is coerced by Two into accepting, to become the new Two. And don't forget that No.6 once accepted the position of the new No.2 in Free For All, this so that he could fulfil his own escape. So No.6 and Six are not so different, they have both accepted situations for different reasons. You might think that Six gave in too easily in the end, that he accepted. But his predecessor accepted more of the Village than you might think. One has to accept society, otherwise one becomes an 'outsider,' and what rights do 'outsiders' have within the community.......none as far as I can see. If one accepts society, as Six accepted The Village, then perhaps, like Six, we can find a way to make it better.

Be seeing you

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