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Sunday 21 July 2013

Prismatic Reflection

    "We are all lifers” said No.2, “but I am most definitely an optimist, that’s why it doesn’t matter who Number One is. It doesn’t matter which side runs the Village……” So there is a No.1, I’m reassured by that. I was wondering about who it was who No.2 spoke to on that red telephone, the “hot line.” Well it could have been anyone couldn’t it, I mean anyone who is superior to No.2, it doesn’t have to be No.1. But enough about No.1, enough has been written about him over the years and decades. What about No.2, who is he, or her? Where does No.2 come from? How are they recruited to the Village? Fictionally speaking the first No.2 could be Colonel Ross from British Intelligence. You can ask Harry Palmer, he knows all about Colonel Ross. He was probably returned to British Intelligence, after his failure in the Village. His successor to the position of No.2, almost probably came from within the Civil Service, not a high ranking Civil Servant, not like Sir Charles Portland. And that’s probably where he went back to when his term of office came to an end.
    The third No.2, now he’s a different kettle of fish altogether. In his time he’s worked for the Diplomatic Service, having had the ears of Kings and Princes of many lands, and revolutions have been nipped in the bud, at a word from him, *. And what’s more, sometime after he returned to
London after the “falling out” back in the Village, he returned to his previous place of employment in the Houses of Parliament! I wonder if any embarrassing questions were asked of him? Or perhaps he held such a lofty position, that his non-presence would go unquestioned. The “late” No.2 enters the Houses of Parliament via the Peers entrance, that means he works in the House of Lords, rather than the House of Commons. And the Prisoner, when he goes to hand in his letter of resignation, he parks his car in an underground car park just a stones throw from the Houses of Parliament, he drives passed the place on his way to the car park. Is that where the Prisoner goes to hand in his resignation, in an office somewhere in the depths of the Houses of Parliament? Perhaps that’s where the Prisoner knew the “late” No.2!
    You have No.2 who is an interrogator, a man or woman who would prefer to play long drawn out games against No.6. Or have to put up with elaborate schemes to make No.6 talk, instead of being able to take a more direct route, through the use of truth drugs. Or perhaps to take No.6 to The Therapy Zone and simply get him really drunk, No.6 drunk, you’d not be able to stop him from talking. He’d talk his head off all night long! There are No.2’s who would gladly see No.6 come to harm, they would like to cause him pain, or see others cause No.6 pain as they found his breaking point! There is No.2 who has almost Statesman like qualities, while another is a good Administrator, and is pleased to allow others to do the dirty work.
    Three No.2’s were brought back, but not always for a second term of office. In one case No.2 had to take drastic measures which cost him his life. While another was given the final chance to break No.6, as the President who presided over three forms of revolt. It was another rather complicated, and elaborate scheme, the heart of which was being tried for a second time, to face No.6 with himself. It hadn’t worked the first time, I’ve no idea why they thought it should work the second time of trying. They must have been desperate by that time, or had simply run out of time and ideas!
    The offer of ultimate power, was that real, or simply an empty offer? And had there not been a “falling out,’ would they really have simply let the Prisoner go? But what do questions like that matter? As it was, there was a “falling out” amongst friends. The Prisoner did manage to cause a mass break out of the Village, inadvertently it has to be said. The Prisoner did finally escape, and as it was he didn’t come out of it too badly off. A passport valid for anywhere. He had a million pounds in travellers cheques. His car serviced and valeted. His house made ready for him, a manservant, butler, and personal valet to look after him. He had his freedom. What more could the Prisoner want? To escape perhaps…………………But escape from what?

     The Prisoner is a man who simply could not let sleeping dogs lie. I always thought that because of that single world PRISONER seen on the screen towards the end of ‘Fall Out,’ that it simply all began again, like some vicious circle. But what if it didn’t. What if the Prisoner being a man who simply couldn’t let the sleeping dogs lie, was still looking for answers? But really what questions? Yes there was the fifteen months of incarceration to account for. But the Prisoner knew who had had him abducted to the Village. He was aware of the location of the Village. He knew why he had been abducted to the Village. Perhaps more to the point, having escaped the Village, would the man we know as the Prisoner be allowed to get on with his life now? What would the effect be on Janet Portland after his return? Do not forget, her fiancé had been taken from her once, only to be reunited with him…….but in the guise of another man, and then she went and lost him a second time. Would Janet be still waiting for him? Yes, there are still a few unanswered questions, but not just for the Prisoner!

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