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Thursday 18 July 2013

The Therapy Zone

Hammer Into Anvil
   I wonder if it had been possible for No.6 to have bargained a deal with the now broken No.2? After all No.6 had now confirmed No.2's suspicions, that No.6 was a plant, sent to the village by their masters to spy on him. So surely No.6 could have convinced No.2 to allow, D6, to leave the village, his assignment having been completed!

The Prisoner
   Patrick McGoohan in an interview with 'New Video' magazine, date unknown.

Why Did No.6 resign?
    "He simply resigns a s a matter of choice. He shouldn't have to answer to anyone. It's entirely his prerogative, his God-given right as an individual, to proceed in any way he sees fit. That's the whole point of it all."
                                   Patrick McGoohan in an interview with 'New Video' magazine.

A B and C
   In this episode we see No.2 in the office of his residence, the Green Dome, and he answers the telephone on his desk, and says "Yes.... Oh really? Send him in!" Then a few moments later the pair of steel doors slide open to reveal No.6 and the Butler bowing. So the question is, if the Butler is supposed to be mute, who is it who speaks to No.2 on the telephone to inform him of No.6's visit to see him?

Pawn Or Player?
   The Professor and his wife are played off against each other, used as a form of indemnity, one providing insurance against the other.
The Professor's wife believes whole-heartedly in her husband, and is fiercely protective of him. She is a warm, sympathetic woman. She'd talk her husband into anything to keep him alive.... such is the course of true love. In effect Madam Professor is working with the village's administration, but to protect her husband - the Professor - she is in constant fear for his life, safety, and sanity.
   Yes Madam Professor may be working with the Village's administration, but against her conscience, so No.6's insulting portrait of her as a military commander, the General in fact, must have been deeply offensive to her.
   With the death of her husband - the Professor - one can only guess what might become of this poor woman, who lied at being happy in the village.

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