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Friday 19 July 2013

Enter Mister X!

   I am reminded by this spell of excellent summer weather, being 90 degrees fahrenhiet the other day. That it was at the Prisoner Convention in 1995 in 90 degrees of heat, that I was in full costume as Mister X. This for the re-enactment of Barney's Boxing Booth from 'The Girl Who Was Death.' I was extremely hot in that costume as you can imagine. I thought I could nip about the Village, as Mister X gives chase to the girl who was death around the funfair as a warmup to the re-enacment. I was warming up alright, and it was far too hot for any of that sort of thing. Mad or what? It might seem so, but the re-enactment had to go on, the audience could not be disappointed!

Be seeing you

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